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Christ’s crown of thorns in Notre Dame de Paris

Since the baptism and conversion of King Clovis in 498, France is considered the eldest daughter of the church of Rome.
Visit the rich Parisian heritage: the Sacred Heart on top of the hill of Montmartre, Notre Dame of Paris, Our Lady of Victories where the relics of the parents of Saint Therese of Lisieux rest. Then visit Saint Vincent de Paul‘s tomb and to end, a meditation at the miraculous chapel where St. Catherine Labourée lies.
For groups possibility of organizing a mass.

Vehicle required
Duration: 7 hours
Rate : €520


From the time of the Crusades to the present day, France has a real passion for the oriental countries and the Arab Muslim civilisations.
Today 15% of the French population comes from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.
Paris pays tribute to this culture and its people. Visit the beautiful department of Islam at the Louvre Museum and the great mosque of Paris located in the heart of Paris closed to the Arab World Institute where temporary exhibitions are displayed.

With or without a vehicle
Islam Department at Louvre museum closed on Tuesday
Duration : 4 hours
Rate : €290

Arab mosaic


Rosiers Street in the Jewish quarter of Paris

We offer you a walk in the historic heart of Paris, in the footsteps of fifteen centuries of Jewish presence.
In the 19th century, the Marais district became the shelter for Ashkenazi Jewish families fleeing the persecutions in Poland and Russia. This very lively district is still marked by Jewish culture, kosher food and synagogues.
Continuation of the visit to the Memorial of the Martyrs of the Deportation.

Closed on Monday
Duration : Walking tour 4 hours
Rate : €290


In France, the modern speculative Freemasonry date from 1728 with the establishment of the Grand Lodge of France. It was originated from the medieval operative masonry of stone carvers and builders of Gothic cathedrals.
Freemasons left a great legacy (drafting the new Civil Code, the abolition of slavery, the empowerment of women and compulsory school).
Even today, we can see a lot of Freemasonic symbols on the streets of Paris and on the buildings’ façades bearing traces of masonic presence.
The tour on this topic will be completed with a visit to the French Museum of Freemasonry, rue Cadet in Paris.
Closed on Monday

Vehicle required
Duration : 4 hours
Rate : €290

Symbols of compass and set square

Club golden